Women to rally against violence
Stabroek News
January 22, 2003

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In an effort to put an end to the current spate of violence in the country, a group of women will assemble at the Cenotaph this Friday with a view to signing a petition.

A press statement from the Group, which is still unnamed, said that persons in this group met yesterday to discuss measures which could be taken to curb the violence.

The group is looking for an immediate return to peace and justice, which the release said would “protect our children from the ravages of hopelessness and death and promise each citizen a life and a livelihood.”

The views were as diverse as the gathering, which comprised every race, religion, profession, age and socio-economic group, according to the release.

The release said an invitation is being thrown out to all women to take part in the petition’s signing.

The message of the group, the release said, is aimed at the political leadership, law enforcement and the perpetrators of criminal activity. The message it said was simple: stop all the killings... now!

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