Slain taxi driver identified

-no sign of hijacked car
Stabroek News
January 19, 2003

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As the probe continued yesterday into Friday evening's slaying of a city taxi driver, the deceased has been identified as 34-year-old Linden Hoyte called 'Bage.'

Hoyte, whose last known address was 173 Campbell street, Albouystown, was found slumped near a concrete structure by residents of Tucville Terrace around 8:40 pm on Friday.

The taxi-operator may have earlier been relieved of his car and forcibly taken to the location where he was shot once in the head by a person or persons known to him. He appeared to have died instantly.

Residents in the vicinity of Thorne street, Tucville Terrace, recalled a vehicle being reversed into an unoccupied lot behind the area's sewerage treatment plant, and three men leading the deceased to the darkened area. After what appeared to be a brief commotion where voices were heard raised in argument, a single shot rang out and soon after the trio boarded the waiting vehicle, which is presumed to have been Hoyte's, and then sped away.

On investigation Hoyte's lifeless body was found lying near to a concrete structure which bore the bloodstains from the wound in his head. On the concrete structure there was also a slight indentation, apparently at the point where the bullet exited the back of his skull.

At the market square yesterday Hoyte's colleagues recalled last seeing him alive around 7:30 pm on Friday when he left with two passengers, a male and a female.

According to them, the woman who had told them prior to departing with Hoyte that she had been robbed in the vicinity of the Stabroek Market, had initially been reluctant to leave.

That was to be the last time they saw him alive until seeing a report on television later that evening.

Many of his fellow cab drivers recalled him to be always jovial and full of life. Many could not fathom why he met his end in such brutal fashion since he was not known to have enemies.

However, one person recalled that a man had threatened him though no one knew whether there was any connection with those who killed him.

At his Albouystown home yesterday, his grieving partner, Mervel D'Andrade, told Stabroek News that she last saw him alive when he left for work at around 7.30 am on Friday.

According to the woman, at no time was she worried since she was accustomed to him arriving home late in the evenings.

But around 11.00 pm, Bage's cousin, whose car he drove, came to tell her the news.

They immediately left for the location where Hoyte's body was still lying, approximately two hours after the shooting.

Questioned about the possible reasons for his slaying, D'Andrade was at a loss to know why he had been killed or what the possible motive could have been.

She too attested to his friendly disposition and open character which allowed him to befriend many persons.

Hoyte, who at one time resided in Barbados, is said to have a 5-year-old son by another relationship. The child at present lives on that island.

Meanwhile, up to yesterday the dark blue Toyota AE 192, number plate HA 9102 had not been found. Hoyte's murder is the latest in a growing list of deaths including several law enforcement officers.

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