Trotman will not run for PNCR leader

Stabroek News
January 17, 2003

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PNCR central executive member attorney-at-law Raphael Trotman has confirmed that he would not be vying for any office at the party's special delegates' congress set for February 1.

The congress is being convened for the express purpose of electing a leader as a result of the death of Desmond Hoyte. It is hoped this would mobilise the party's members and supporters and send a clear message to the country and the international community that the struggle for the ideals, to which Hoyte dedicated his life, continues.

Trotman repeated to Stabroek News his pronouncement made in a recent interview on GTV Channel 11 that he did not intend to contest any position at the February conference. In that interview, he said, too, that the leader of the party elected at the congress would be a consensual candidate.

At the congress, party chairman, attorney-at-law Robert Corbin who is performing the functions of leader of the party, is likely to be confirmed in the position. His election will create a vacancy for a chairman of the party. The PNCR constitution requires the central executive committee to recommend a course of action to the congress as to how it should proceed in the circumstances.

As a consequence party insiders say campaigning to fill this position is premature as there is as yet no vacancy.

Central executive committee member, attorney-at-law Basil Williams shares this view. He told Stabroek News yesterday that the only position up for election at the congress is that of leader of the party. He said that he is supporting Corbin's candidacy. Williams' refuted reports in the Guyana Chronicle yesterday that he is actively campaigning for the chairmanship. "There is no vacancy, so I can't be campaigning for a position that is not vacant".

Williams denied authoring or authorising the issue of any leaflet on his behalf. He said he would hardly be the author of leaflets, one of which says, "Help! Help! Help! To change Our Party and Country Vote Basil Williams (for) PNC Chairman."

Some party knowledgeables have told Stabroek News that the central executive would need to decide whether the delegates who are coming with a mandate from their groups related to the election of a leader, can then be asked to exercise a mandate in relation to the post of chairman about which they had received no directions.

At its weekly press briefing yesterday, PNCR general secretary Oscar Clarke announced that the nomination forms for groups to select their candidate for leader, have been sent out. He gave 29 January as the date by which the candidates nominated would be known.

Clarke also denied that he is a contender for the leadership post as reported in the Guyana Chronicle yesterday. (Patrick Denny)

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