War on crime a priority in 2003, says Luncheon
Sees arson attempts as centrally directed

Stabroek News
January 16, 2003

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Security issues are to remain at the forefront of government's agenda as it seeks to rein in criminals spreading terror in the city and its immediate environs.

This assurance was given by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon at his post-cabinet press briefing yesterday at which he confirmed cabinet's review of the latest crime fighting initiative.

"It is the Office of the President's firm conviction in 2003 that security issues will remain at the forefront in the urban areas in particular and much greater attention would have to be paid by our citizens and categories of our citizens particularly business people to complement the actions taken by our civilian law enforcement agencies in response to the crime situation," Luncheon said.

Cabinet according to the HPS, had reviewed the earliest available results from the recently commenced exercise of the joint services and had noted the evidently organised civilian activity to prevent law enforcement officers from entering Buxton to search and apprehend wanted criminals known to be located in that community.

Luncheon further said "Cabinet also noted the impact of the continued execution of policemen particularly the impact on the morale of the police force which remains a matter of deep concern to the administration."

He also noted Cabinet's view that the validity of the administration's contention about terrorism being unleashed in Georgetown was attested to by the obviously centrally directed arson attempts at gas stations.

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