Guysuco adopts pro-active policy on HIV/AIDS

Stabroek News
January 15, 2003

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The Guyana Sugar Corporation has announced the documentation of a new pro-active policy geared towards dealing with the impact of HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

The company's in-house publication Guysuco News stated that the sugar corporation would undertake the educating of employees on HIV/AIDS and discourage discrimination in the workplace. It was further stated that the corporation will, at a later date, "outline systems that will buffer the potential impact of HIV/AIDS on the workplace through prevention, care and support."

The policy will be executed in collaboration with the Volunteer Youth Corps, which will be providing technical skills and resources, in the form of manager/labour-leader training, employee-education, educating employees' families, community service and volunteerism.

The newsletter also stated that the corporation's commitment to improving Health and Safety standards has led to "noticeable improvements in cleanliness and hygiene at all locations", with activities undertaken recently in observance of Occupational Health & Safety Month extending into the surrounding communities.

Poster-competitions, debates, banner-displays and creation of safety signs all contributed to increasing awareness and an enhanced commitment to improving standards.

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