Clear guidelines planned for PNCR leadership at congress

Stabroek News
January 11, 2003

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When the PNCR convenes its special delegates congress on February 1 to elect a new leader, it is expected that clear guidelines will be given to the party leadership on matters such as the fight against injustice and discrimination, the deteriorating economic and social climate and the crime and security situation.

At a press conference on Thursday, Chairman Robert Corbin, who is now performing leadership duties said guidelines would also be given on the negotiations on governance, parliamentary and constitutional reform, the dialogue processes and the renewal of the party’s organs and structures.

Corbin added that those who might have speculated that with the passing of party leader Desmond Hoyte there would be conflict and weakness in the PNCR would be severely disappointed: “We hope that others do not underestimate our resolve and steadfast commitment and, misguided by such miscalculation, engage in dangerous adventurism.”

Corbin said for him the important issue is not whether he is personally prepared to be the PNCR leader, but the more important issue was developing an effective team to carry out the objectives of the party and ensure that the country moved forward.

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