Guyana’s first Sports School opens Jan. 27

Stabroek News
January 10, 2003

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Guyana’s first secondary school exclusively for national athletes will throw open its doors on January 27. The Samaritan Help Sports Academy, the brainchild of Robert Sam, will be located at the Malteenoes Cricket Club.

“The qualification to enter this school is that you have to be a national athlete. The Ministry of Education is aware of the institution,” Sam told Stabroek Sport.

Sam said that the school will have mostly retired teachers and university students giving classes. According to Sam, members of the national Under-17 football squad have been invited to attend the school.

The cost of attending the school is $35,000 per month. Registration will commence next week.

Sam said that all subjects in the curriculum of a regular secondary school will be covered at Samaritan Help and there is a possibility of night classes.

Samaritan Help has also initiated a programme where persons wishing to assist atheletes attending the school can do so. The programme, dubbed `Buy a piece of Guyana for just $1000’ will see persons donating $1000 to the school to allow athletes, unable to pay the $35,000 fee to attend.

Samaritan Help extends gratitude to David Noel, Pastor Aubrey Hinds, Demerara Mutual, Keith Cholmondeley, Donald Duke, Vishnu Singh, Willie Kansinally Jewellery Establishment, Brans Security Services, Central Electronics, Federal Management Systems, Bert Wilkinson, NAACIE, Royston Tudor, Paul Dandrade, Gaskin and Jackson Jewellers, James Texaco Service Station, Water Chris Hotel and Precision Woodworking Establishment for assistance rendered.

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