Trotman says he will serve PNCR in any capacity

Stabroek News
January 8, 2003

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PNCR executive member Raphael Trotman has responded to numerous enquiries about his running for leadership of the party by saying he is “prepared to continue to work in any capacity in which I am allowed to serve the party”.

The PNCR is to hold a special delegates’ congress on February 1 to elect a new leader following the sudden death of former President Desmond Hoyte. It is widely held that PNCR chairman Robert Corbin will be elected and since the death of Desmond Hoyte he has been carrying out the functions of party-leader.

Prior to last August’s party congress Trotman and Vice-Chairman Vincent Alexander had indicated an intention to vie for the leadership-position but withdrew after Hoyte decided to accept the nomination for the post. Corbin too declined any nomination.

In the subsequent contest for chairman, Corbin defeated Trotman; and in the race for the vice-chairmanship, Alexander defeated Trotman. Alexander did not contest the post of chairman as mistakenly reported in Monday’s issue of the Stabroek News.

Trotman issued a statement yesterday responding to what he called “the numerous enquiries on the issue of my interest and involvement in the leadership of the party.” In it he said: “I will continue to believe that our party will make all decisions in a democratic manner, and that my views and opinions therefore will be taken into account always.”

He said too that “as a member of the central executive committee of the PNCR I am prepared to accept the democratic will of the party on the leadership-structure chosen, which will keep the party united and strong, and allow it to fulfil its mandate and objectives of improving the lives of all Guyanese.”

Alexander told Stabroek News yesterday that he believed that at this time the focus of the party should be on providing its membership, supporters and the Guyanese people with the representation they deserve. Also, he said that as recently as August, the membership of the party gave their judgement on the leadership structure they think is desirable to discharge its mandate of implementing the decisions taken at the Congress.

The decision to hold a special congress to elect a permanent leader was made last Friday and is intended to help to mobilise the party; to set the tasks ahead; and to send a strong message to the country and the international community that it is united and determined to carry on the struggle.

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