Roads closed for Main Big Lime

Stabroek News
January 5, 2003

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A number of roads will be closed today to allow for the Main Big Lime sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry.

The Guyana Police Force Traffic Department yesterday announced that the following roads will be closed from midnight on Saturday to 2:00 am Sunday night:

Church Street at the junction of Church and Water Streets, Western carriage-way of the Avenue of the Republic at the intersection of North Road and Avenue of the Republic, Quamina Street between Rosemary Lane and Carmichael Street, Hope Street on the western carriage way of Main Street, Main Street between Main and Carmichael Street, Ben-tick Street on the western carriage-way of Main Street to Schumacher Street, New Market Street between Carmichael Street and Urquhart Street and the eastern and western carriage way of Main Street from Commerce Street to Church Street.

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