Green blames PNCR for ugly behaviour at Hoyte’s funeral

Stabroek News
January 4, 2003

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Former People’s National Congress General Secretary and current Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green, has faulted the leadership of the PNCR for the “rowdy” behaviour of the crowds at the Public Buildings and the Seven Ponds during the funeral ceremony on Monday for the late former Executive President Desmond Hoyte.

Green who heads his own party, the Good and Green Guyana, (GGG) said the leaders of the PNCR should have made their presence felt by going among the crowds with appeals to stop their “ugly behaviour”... “I was embarrassed”, he added. During Hoyte’s funeral, members of the crowd blocked the entrance of Parliament Buildings, booed President Bharrat Jagdeo, kept up unrelenting noise levels and made vulgar gestures. Several PNCR leaders attempted to calm the crowd to no avail.

The GGG leader was speaking as the guest in the Demico House sponsored weekly interview programme One On One to be broadcast on GTV tomorrow night at 8 pm.

Asked if he would return to the PNCR fold if invited, the former Prime Minister said there were a number of imponderables, which he would have to consider and his wife would be involved in such a decision.

“I did nothing wrong” to be expelled from the party...”All I did was to say that the leader, Mr Hoyte had made a mistake...” This was in reference to the invitation to former United States President Jimmy Carter to put in place a system for free and fair national elections held in 1992.

During the half-hour programme to be rebroadcast on Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Green spoke about shared governance and President Jagdeo’s handling of arrangements by the government for Hoyte’s funeral.

He would also like to see the PNCR return to Parliament.

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