Corbin calls for new approach to country's problems
By Kim Lucas
Stabroek News
January 3, 2003

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In a New Year's message to the nation, PNCR chairman Robert Corbin, who is performing the duties of leader of the party, expressed the hope that 2003 would see new approaches, solutions and mechanisms for guaranteeing good governance in Guyana.

In a televised broadcast on New Year's Eve, Corbin told the nation the PNCR hopes "that there will be positive and visible efforts to ensure justice in all spheres of human endeavour; that positive steps will be made to advance inclusiveness at all levels of government and governance; that the crime and security situation will be improved at all levels." He also hoped for "a turnaround of our economic fortunes through the creation of an environment that encourages investment and the acquisition of legitimate wealth that would be evidenced by increased incomes, jobs and job opportunities and the fostering of renewed confidence in our citizens."

But Corbin cautioned that, "unless serious and positive progress is made in this direction and citizens are satisfied that genuine efforts are made... the winds of change will sweep us all away. Nothing and no one will be able to stem the tide of public discontent".

He asserted that "Guyana needs to be transformed, reorganised/re-engineered and ultimately revolutionised," and that his party "will continue to be in the vanguard of such change".

He added "no longer can we sweep under the carpet the negative effects of racial insecurity or the manifestations of economic and other forms of discrimination existent in our society; nor can we dis-acknowledge the serious unemployment dilemma which confronts so many of our youth.

"We must seize the hour and recognise the opportunities which present themselves. We will join hands with all Guyanese and others who seek to work for new directions and positive solutions in 2003. Success will require trust, openness, imagination, renewed patriotism and, above all, good faith.

The PNCR leader stressed that the nation cannot despair or be pessimistic because of the traumatic events of the past year, including the passing of its late leader Desmond Hoyte. "It would be a grave dereliction of our duty to his memory if we succumbed to such sentiments.

Corbin also took the opportunity to thank the Government and all "the people of Guyana and beyond for their expressions of sympathy and support to Mrs Joyce Hoyte and the Hoyte family in their bereavement.

He also acknowledged on behalf of the PNCR, "the practical and tangible support offered by so many organisations and individuals in a spirit of genuine love and affection towards our Party and our fallen Hero."

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