A New Year

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January 1, 2003

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Today a new year dawns. And, as usual, this new year brings with it dreams, hopes and aspirations for the nation's sportsmen and women.

For many of them 2002 was a difficult year. What with substandard facilities, lack of funds, few local activities, the inability to attend international competitions etc. etc. and the list can go on and on.

Over the past year, sportsmen and women for the most part, continued to suffer mainly because of a lack of funds injected into the present sports system.

For many of the nation's athletes, the inability of government, sports associations and sports administrators to provide adequately so as to help them to fulfill their potential and perform at their optimum, was probably the single greatest indignity they suffered.

Some athletes like Aliann Pompey and boxers Wayne Braithwaite and Vivian Harris however, managed (probably because they campaigned abroad) to surmount the many obstacles in their paths to achieve success and emerge heroes.

Others like rising star Cleveland Forde and squash queen Nicolette Fernandes have given an indication that maybe those in charge of the nation's sports need to take a closer look at what disciplines Guyana should participate in internationally.

But for many others, success remains far away, possibly until the playing field is levelled and the gap between the third world countries and those of the developed world narrowed.

However, with the coming of the new year comes renewed hope. That 2003 will be a much better year for the nation's athletes and sports administrators.

And so, we here at Stabroek Sports, do wish all a Happy New Year and express the hope that all your wishes will come through.

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