Wanted man Ivor Glen surrenders!
--- walks in with Nigel Hughes, Adam Harris

Guyana Chronicle
June 15, 2003

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WANTED man Ivor Glen surrendered to Police yesterday, another clear indication that the joint police/army fight against crime was taking effect.

Glen walked in to Wales Police Station, West Bank Demerara, early yesterday morning, accompanied by attorney Nigel Hughes and Prime News/Kaieteur News Editor Adam Harris.

Glen, 32, of Lot 7 Vriesland, two miles south of Wales Police Station, is wanted by the police for attempted murder and a series of robbery under arms.

Glen is one of six men for whom the police issued wanted notices on Wednesday, June 11.

The others are Troy Dick, Paul Pindleton, Anthony Charles, Michael Anthony Sandiford, Rondell Wilmot Rawlins, and prison escapee Troy Dick.

Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder Allen had issued an arrest warrant for Glen two days prior to the police issuing the wanted bulletins for him and the five other crime suspects.

Glen is accused of attempting to murder Ramchandra Mohan of Vive la Force, a mile from Vriesland.

He allegedly held Mohan captive for a short while and shooting Mohan three times before escaping.

He is also alleged to have robbed one Ramsaroop Mangal at gunpoint on Friday, June 6 last.

The police had urged the wanted men to give themselves up following claims by the PNC/R that the joint services operations in Buxton aimed at “killing out” rather than apprehending criminal elements who had not only laid siege to and turned the East Coast Demerara village into their safe haven, but who had also used Buxton as a base for committing violent crimes against security ranks and civilians.

Days after the police released the wanted notices, the PNC/R convened a news conference objecting to the move, contending that the police would kill the crime suspects once they gave themselves up.

Nonetheless, observers remarked yesterday that the wanted notices appeared “to have borne fruit as former President of the Guyana Bar Association, attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes, and the Editor of Prime News and of Kaieteur News, Adam Harris, turned Glen over to the Police at Wales Police Station.”

Following the killing of businessman Brian Hamilton, 35, at his filling station at Friendship, East Coast Demerara, on Friday, March 21 this year, Mr. Hughes allegedly removed a tape from a surveillance camera which security sources say might have contained “vital information” regarding the killers.

Mr. Hughes is reported to have subsequently handed over the tape to the police.

As part of his tenure at Kaieteur News, Editor Adam Harris is reportedly the producer of “The Baccoo Speaks,” a column that predicts the movement of criminals, a number of kidnappings, robberies and shootings, and incidents such as fires and road accidents.

Some of the country’s most notorious bandits have been killed in confrontations with the joint services since they began their operations in Buxton around mid-last month.

On the first day of the operations, the ranks lost army lance corporal Shemton Dodson, who was fatally shot by bandits when the security contingent executed a “cordon and search” campaign to rescue kidnapped De Hoop, Mahaica, businessman Viticharan Singh.

Singh was rescued in a locked house in Buxton.

In a brief statement following Ivor Glen’s surrender yesterday, Guyana Police Force said it welcomed “this move and is calling on all others for for whom wanted bulletins were issued to do the same.”

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