Buxton shootout tally now eight
-- 2 more bodies found

Guyana Chronicle
June 6, 2003

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THE police yesterday retrieved two more bodies in Buxton, bringing to eight the number of persons who have been killed in the shootout between a joint police/army contingent and suspected bandits in the East Coast Demerara village on Monday.

A release yesterday named the two as Sean Norton and Humtom Glasgow.

Norton was described as a male, aged 20 years, of One-Mile, Wismar, Linden, and of 101 Hunter Street, Albouystown, and Glasgow, called “Jeff Male” Negro, age 17 years of 94 Brutus Street, Agricola. He is reported to be a student of Houston Community High School.

Six men were killed, including wanted criminal Romel Sylvester Reman, and one man was apprehended during the confrontation.

According to reports received from the police, the detachment came under fire during a routine patrol.

They were conducting a ‘cordon and search operation’ on a house at 163 Friendship, Middle Walk, when the patrol came under rapid fire from a bond in the yard. They immediately adopted tactical maneuvers and returned fire, causing multiple deaths, police stated.

Police seized a large cache of arsenal and other items following the raid.

The cache included, one AK47 Assault Rifle; One M70 Assault Rifle; One Mosberg Pump Action shot gun with a screw on rack to store ammunition; 310 rounds of 7.26 X 39 ammunition; 25 12-gauge cartridges and eleven magazines to fit the rifles.

The other items seized included a cell phone, Bushnel night vision binoculars; A pair of handcuffs; A pair of GDF camouflage shirts; Two (2) pairs of sneakers; One (1) pair of slippers; Two (2) artificial wigs; A tub in which the ammunition were kept; A quantity of clothing; One (1) Holy Bible and a syringe needle.

One was identified by the Police as Akeem Hack also only as ‘Chip Teeth’. He had successfully eluded the police and army during several raids in the village.

Two others are believed to be Brazilians and are known as ‘Brazilian Buck’ and ‘Amerindian Buck’ or ‘Wild Buck’.

Police said that investigations are continuing.

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