Removal of Bourda herb vendors in their best interest -- Mayor

Guyana Chronicle
June 4, 2003

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The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has given the assurance that the decision to relocate the herbal vendors, occupying Bourda Street is in the best interest of all the stakeholders.

Stallholders and vendors on the western end of the Bourda Market recently called the media’s attention to the City Council’s request for them to relocate to the Mall.

The vendors had informed the Guyana Chronicle on Wednesday last, that the City Council did not take into account that moving stalls will incur added expense and labour.

They had also complained that they would lose customers because of the location and claimed that a sanitary block is within close proximity of the spot they have to relocate.

The herbal vendors stated that the business, which they operate, is the main source of income for their families and they fear that the relocation will cause them some of their customers.

Public Relations Officer from the M&CC, Mr. Royston King, in an interview with the Guyana Chronicle said: ”We understand their plight and the fact that they have to earn a livelihood, but we also have our job, which includes, ensuring the integrity and the welfare of the city”

Insisting that the City Council is not putting anyone out of business, Mr. King pointed out that the vendors were given verbal and written notices in advance.

The PRO further explained that the stalls pose a security threat to the Council’s outpost since it is encumbering the area.

He added that the outpost is used to keep lawbreakers and is a security hazard to both the vendors and the personnel.

According to Mr. King, Mayor of Georgetown Mr. Hamilton Green and several senior functionaries from the City Council had also informed the vendors about this while on tour in the market.

“They were informed that they have to relocate, we are just enforcing what we had committed to back then,” Mr. King said.

He said that the City Council is confident that the move will help the businesses to be more profitable at a convenient and secure location.

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