PNC/R MP’s court action threatens OMAI/Linden investment

Guyana Chronicle
June 1, 2003

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There are indications that Cambior, the parent body for OMAI Gold Mines Limited may be rethinking its decision to enter into a US multi-million dollar Investment aimed at developing the ailing bauxite Company at Linden, which includes eventual supply of electric power to the mining town which just weeks ago suffered a two- week power shut down.

A source told the Chronicle that this move might be as a result of a court action filed against Omai Gold Mines by People’s National Congress-Reform (PNC-R) politician, Judy David and others of Bartica.

A Class or Representative Action was filed by the David sisters of Bartica, claiming millions of US$ for what they claimed as damages suffered by 23,000 residents of the Essequibo during the August 1995 cyanide spill.

That suit, the Chronicle understands, is separate and distinct from another 525 claims against OMAI, representing 881 claimants, and amounting to $210 Million. The Chronicle is reliably informed that most of those claims have been settled.

Meanwhile, David, along with community Development Council Official of Goshen/Riverview/Falmouth, Region 7 in November, 2000 had alleged that the rivers in those parts had again been polluted as a result of chemicals being dumped therein.

They claimed that the pollution had caused “wide-spread harm, including rashes, diarrhoea, and vomiting among the residents after using the water.”

In relation to the Linden power situation, it will be recalled that last month Linden was paralysed because of the failure of the power company.

An observer told the Chronicle that the move by the PNC-R Parliamentarian, David might be part of the pattern of the PNC-R to turn away investors in their attempt to destabilize the Government.

The observer further finds it strange that the PNC-R would embark on such activities which could only jeopardize Guyanese, especially Lindeners who that alliance purports to have as its strong hold. “Obviously, this could only be for political mileage,” the observer contended.

Meanwhile, efforts to reach Human Resources Manager of OMAI, Mr. Norman Mc. Lean proved futile.

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