PNC/R supports anti-crime operations in Buxton
--- objects to ‘property destruction’

Guyana Chronicle
May 23, 2003

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The main opposition party, People’s National Congress/Reform (PNC/R), says it fully supports the intense joint services campaign being conducted in Buxton to rid the East Coast Demerara community of criminal elements.

However, the party has raised objections to the alleged destruction of people’s property and livelihood by law enforcement officers during a recent exercise.

PNC/R Central Executive Committee Member, Mr. Lance Carberry, acknowledged during the party’s weekly press conference at Congress Place, Sophia, Georgetown, that since the commencement of the operations, the security forces announced the killing of a notorious wanted-man and two other persons, the arrest of scores of youths and the cordon and search of dozens of homes in the village.

All these activities, he noted, were announced in the context of progress in the fight against crime. But, regrettably, several reports received by the party indicated that the manner in which the recent operation was being conducted appeared to target the village rather than advance the fight against crime.

Carberry said his party was able to observe evidence of this “wanton destruction” and its obvious effects on law-abiding citizens of that community.

“It is obvious that the campaign of terror launched by the security forces against men, women and children at Buxton could not be part of any legitimate exercise to rid this community of any criminal element as is claimed.”

He said the ‘terror tactics’ could only serve to alienate a community that has, from bitter expedience, lost confidence in the Guyana Police Force.

Carberry said PNC/R Leader Mr. Robert Corbin on Wednesday night wrote the Commissioner of Police and the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defense Force requesting a meeting to discuss the matter, which it considers of paramount importance and extreme urgency.

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