More probation officers

Guyana Chronicle
May 8, 2003

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The Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security will improve its staffing capacity when it employs approximately 18 probation officers.

A large number of probation officers are needed for the effective running of the Social Service Component of the Ministry. According to Permanent Secretary Mitradevi Alli, there are not enough probation officers in the Ministry.

Probation officers must work in the women’s Affairs Bureau, the Family Welfare Department and the Adoption office. Other areas, such as, the Drop-In-Centre, the Night Shelter and the Genesis home also need probation officers for their daily operations.

These officers are needed to make home visits, counseling and present cases to the court of law on issues passing through the Ministry.

According to a source from the Ministry, for Georgetown alone, 18 probation officers are needed. Presently, however, there are only 21 probation officers, which include persons in the different Regions

For most of the Regions there are an average two probation officers. Their job would include statutory issues as well as social investigations. When this is compared to the number of issues to be addressed in each area, the Ministry is seriously understaffed

Two probation officers began work yesterday at the Ministry.

The National Commission on the Rights of the Child has an office at the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security.

Because a number of groups functions out of the Ministry of Human Services, the issue of adequate accommodation becomes important. The Ministry is presently trying to address this problem.

The Ministry also plans to deal with rehabilitation work at the Palms and the Mahaica Hospital. Approximately $8M were allocated for these projects. There are a number of other scheduled rehabilitation projects for the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security.

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