300 accessing higher Education through Ministry pioneer project
by Arjune Poonai
Guyana Chronicle
May 5, 2003

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STUDENTS from five Upper Corentyne Primary Schools who fell short of the necessary requirements for enrollment into Secondary schools are presently accessing higher education.

Through a Ministry of Education initiative to amalgamate the five schools, some 300 students got the opportunity to pursue secondary education, although they failed entry requirements for high schools.

The students initially from Number 68 and 71 Villages, Corriverton and Crabwood Creek Primary schools are currently accommodated in the Skeldon Primary school building.

The Guyana Education Access Programme (GEAP) supported initiative is a pioneer project aimed at creating opportunities for students to access higher education, regardless of their performance at the primary level.

It also focuses on enhancing education delivery and broadening the scope for learning.

Regional Education Officials said Number 68 and 71 villages, Corriverton and Crabwood Creek Primary schools are the five institutions that benefited from the scheme, and the first batch of students will write the CXC in three years.

Meanwhile GEAP is promoting a similar programme for students in number 43 Crabwood Creek and also in the upper Corentyne.

The project funded by the British Government will see three High schools in the targeted areas refurbished to accommodate more students.

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