Top CXC Student, Yonnette Walton awarded $1/4m 2-year scholarship
by Joe Chapman
Guyana Chronicle
May 5, 2003

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Mackenzie High School's top student Yonnette Walton who established a new record by gaining 9 subjects with Grade 1 at last year’s CXC Examinations, has been honoured for her outstanding achievement by the Linden Fund USA. Ms. Walton is now the recipient of a 2-year scholarship which makes available for her approximately $1/4M to assist in her studies at the Mackenzie High School in preparation for her A-level examinations.

Chairman of the Linden Fund USA, Dr Vincent Adams, who was in Guyana recently to make the announcement said, it shows that Linden still has the talent that cries out for, and deserves our help and encouragement. According to Dr Adams "the amazing thing about this young lady is that she chose to stay at MHS to do her A-level examinations and that is very impressive". He noted that most students would have wanted to get away from their parents, get out of the community and be in the bright city, but Ms. Walton chose to do her work at home.

In recognition LFU decided to offer Ms Walton $120,000 for the next 2 years towards expenses such as transportation, so that she would not have to worry about those types of things.

Dr Adams himself a past student of MHS recalled that in his time at school there were a lot of smart kids, but he feels that Ms. Walton’s achievement was exceptional. He said that based on what the Head teacher, Mrs. Gibson, told him, Ms Walton’s results is the best ever recorded at MHS.

Dr Adams said the amount offered to Ms Walton may increase based on her additional needs. He also noted that because of the stunning accomplishment, LFU plans on making this an annual award to students with outstanding CXC records who wish to pursue A-level studies or its equivalent.

Among those present at the ceremony to announce the scholarship were Linden Fund- Guyana Secretary, Jenny George-Parkinson, member Abdul Kadir and Mrs Janice Gibson. Who expressed her gratitude to LFU for recognising the effort put in by the record breaking student and promised that such gestures will do well to encourage other students, not only of MHS but from other schools in Linden to perform well.

Meanwhile Dr Adams has announced that the second LFU $3M University of Guyana Scholarship programme, sponsored by Denis Morgan a non-Linden resident who resides in the USA, will continue this year when students will be chosen.

Last year 2 students, Leuanna Sparman of Wismar Housing Scheme and Abiola Parris of Christianburg, were chosen based on their qualifications and needs. They were the first awardees of the LFU/ Morgan scholarships to UG worth $3.8 M and available for 4 years.

The 2 Linden students when enrolled at the University of Guyana, will receive funding for full tuition, books, room and board and transportation annually.

LFU will this year add 2 more scholarships and at least one annually for the foreseeable future. Under a service component of the scholarships, award recipients will provide tutoring to students, including preparing them for the CXC and other examinations in Linden, during the summer vacation, as well as perform other community services.

Award recipients will receive a monthly stipend, during the summer, of approximately $20,000 for this service. Applications are now available from the Secretary, Ms. Jenny George-Parkinson and other members of the Linden Fund, Guyana.

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