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Normalcy restored to Berbice electricity supply

Guyana Chronicle
May 1, 2003

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THE electricity supply in Berbice has been restored to normalcy, following closely on the heels of an emergency visit there by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds last Friday, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

The GINA report said Mr. Hinds, who has ministerial responsibility for the energy sector, visited the county, in company with Mr. Narvon Persaud, a member of the new Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Board, to oversee operations and inspect remedial works in progress.

That was after the breakdown of the number four ‘Mirrlees Blackstone’ diesel generator, one of the two main generating sets at Canefield power station in Canje, resulting in a loss of at least five megawatts of power to the Berbice interconnected system.

GINA said the motor “was short-circuited as a result of damage caused to the potential (voltage) transformer.”

While Prime Minister Hinds was at Canefield, engineers assured him that the engine would be back in operation by 18:00 hours (6 pm) but it became operational and was servicing consumers again at 15:24 hours (3.24 pm) that same day, GINA said

GPL Systems Control Engineer in Berbice, Mr. Carl Logan, told GINA later that sufficient power is being generated as in the normal situation.

He said the required amount of voltage is now being fed to Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) pumps, too, allowing for a stable flow to users.

The GWI mechanisms require 440 volts but GPL was previously only supplying between 110 and 115 volts.

In an invited comment, Chairman of Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne), Mr. Kumkarran Ramdass said there is still some difficulty with the water supply at East Bank Berbice but it is not related to electricity.

He said he was pleased that the Prime Minister’s mission bore fruit and stability has also returned to electricity generation from the Number 53 power station to Corriverton.

GINA said the Berbice interconnected system is currently being supplied a total of 15.7 megawatts, with a peak demand of 12 megawatts.

There are 5.2 megawatts being generated at Onverwagt Power Station, West Coast Berbice, 7.9 megawatts from Canefield and 2.6 megawatts from the Number 53 sub-station.

Meanwhile, GINA said the additional ‘Caterpillar’ set that was ordered by Government for Number 53 has arrived and will be commissioned into use to boost delivery in Upper Corentyne.

Prime Minister Hinds had promised Berbicians that it would be operable by tomorrow, GINA said.

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