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Husband gets 10 years jail for sex killing

Guyana Chronicle
April 30, 2003

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JUSTICE Claudette La Bennett yesterday sentenced 48-year-old Bishnoo Mohabeer to 10 years imprisonment for killing his reputed wife, Lakshmi Jaipersaud, after she refused to have sexual intercourse with him.

Originally indicted for murder, the prisoner previously pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter on April 8, but the judge had postponed sentence to await a probation report on his background.

After hearing the findings of Probation and Family Welfare Officer L. George, Justice La Bennett said she felt a long period of incarceration was necessary for the convict.

George reported that the couple established a common law relationship in 1982 and six children resulted from the union.

But the material needs of the household were provided by irregular contributions - from Mohabeer, a painter and Jaipersaud, a domestic helper - which was augmented by gifts from kind friends who compensated the children for errands.

The probation officer said Mohabeer was a habitual drunkard who worked occasionally and failed to provide for his family while repeatedly abusing and brutalising his spouse whenever she did not comply with his demands for food or to wash his clothing.

George said, on many occasions, the woman sought refuge at the homes of neighbours and Mohabeer would remove for brief periods but efforts by the Police and Social Service agencies failed to make him mend his ways.

The tragedy occurred when Mohabeer visited Jaipersaud despite a magistrate’s warning to desist from doing so and demanded that she accompany him into her house to have sex.

Jaipersaud rejected his advance but Mohabeer pulled her inside and dealt her the fatal injury, George said, noting that the semi-literate killer seemed to be the product of an environment in which he might not have had the benefit of positive family life influence.

The report on Mohabeer added that he appears to have lived without a sense of direction and alcohol became his master, eventually being responsible for the chaotic dysfunctional life his common law spouse and children were forced to live.

Defence Counsel Joe Harmon, pleading in mitigation for Mohabeer, asked Justice La Bennett to dispense justice with mercy.

Imposing the punishment, the judge told the prisoner he had done a foolish thing by taking a pair of scisssors and stabbing his wife, in the belief that she was his personal property.

When Mohabeer was arraigned, State Prosecutor Gordon Gilhuys said the wounding took place a month after Mohabeer and his wife were separated and she had been living elsewhere on May 24, 2001

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