Science and technology journals presented to UG Library

Guyana Chronicle
April 24, 2003

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SCIENTIFIC reading matter at the University of Guyana Library was given a significant boost Tuesday, when the Canadian High Commissioner presented 400 science and technology journals to the institution.

The donation came from the National Research Centre of Canada, and High Commissioner Mr. Serge Marcoux officially handed over the documents to Vice Chancellor Dr. James Rose at a simple ceremony held in the foyer of the Library.

Delivering the feature address, Mr. Marcoux noted that a university is not only a place for teaching or learning, but should also be a privileged place for research.

“Research implies challenging old ideas and replacing them by new ones,” he added.

The High Commissioner however pointed out that research itself cannot be productive without the appropriate tools as well as the appropriate links to other institutions of higher education.

Mr Marcoux hailed the theme of UG’s 40th anniversary observance as being “particularly appropriate”.

He said that ”Reconnect” illustrates reconnecting with the society in which the university is deeply rooted and also with other institutions, not only in the Caribbean but also throughout the hemisphere.

The envoy jokingly pointed out that a good diplomat is a man who always remembers a lady’s birthday, but always forgets her age.

Describing the University of Guyana as “une grande dame” (a distinguished lady), the High Commissioner noted tradition demands that best wishes must not be presented empty handed.

The National Research Centre of Canada is a network of some 26 institutions committed to turning ideas and knowledge into new products, processes and services.

With their motto declaring, ”From discovery to innovation”, the scientists of this agency work hand-in-hand with partners from industry, government and universities to help ignite the spark of innovation.

Chief Librarian at the University of Guyana, Mrs. Yvonne Lancaster, who chaired the proceedings, stated that the gift was timely since it comes at a time when emphasis is being placed on research.

Dr. James Rose while making a brief acceptance speech hailed the Canadian High Commissioner as a great friend of the institution and acknowledged his many tangible donations to critical areas of the University of Guyana.

The journals cover 15 titles and include: Canadian Geotechnical Journal; Bio Chemistry and CellBiology; Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences and Environmental Review; Canadian Journal of Zoological; Canadian Journal of Forest Research; Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology; Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science. (Shirwin Campbell)

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