Berbice business grouping links crime with inadequate services

Guyana Chronicle
April 24, 2003

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THE proliferation of serious crimes has prompted Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCCI) to appeal for more regular Police patrols along the highway in East Berbice.

President of UCCCI, Mr David Subnauth issued the call after recent robberies at two gasolene stations and other Corentyne business places.

He said the increasing spate of heinous crime is taking a toll on the community and some businessmen have raised concerns with his organisation.

Subnauth said many victims of armed robberies have lamented that no arrests have been made since the reports to the authorities.

He suggested the recruitment of private investigators to pursue the perpetrators and pledged UCCCI commitment and support for such a move.

Subnauth also said there is an unprecedented upsurge in unreported crimes, including cattle rustling and larceny of other livestock.

Commenting on the electricity and telephone services, he declared they have “left much to be desired.”

Subnauth said irregular power supply, low voltage and unscheduled outages have caused loss of large quantities of perishable commodities and a drop in production.

He recommended more communication facilities for Upper and Central Corentyne.

Frequent power failures and prolonged low voltage are severely affecting the flow of potable water in some villages and Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) authorities acknowledged the constraints affecting East Canje, East Bank Berbice and Corentyne.

People’s Progressive Party/Civic Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Zulfikar Mustapha said the Regional Administration has been meeting with residents of Edinburgh, Canefield, Bush Lot, Wellington Park, Numbers 47-55 and Rampoor on the issue of safe drinking water restoration.

He said, apart from the inadequate electricity and voltage fluctuation, insufficient and fragile water distribution mains are contributory factors at a few locations.

However, efforts are being made to effect temporary relief to consumers and a top-level team is expected to assess the situation, with a view to implementing necessary proposals and recommendations.

Meantime, Mustapha cautioned users not to waste water and it would compound their problems in this long dry season.

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