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Guyana Chronicle
April 24, 2003

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OMNI Med, a volunteer health care organisation based in Boston, Massachusetts, with ongoing educational programmes in Belize, Kenya and Thailand, has teamed up with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), the Ministry of Health, Rotary Clubs of Guyana and North American Airlines to launch a scheme here.

Known as the Guyana Cooperative Health Education Programme, the inaugural sessions commenced on April 15 and will run until April 29. .

According to a release, the mission of the programme is to assist in improving medical care in Guyana through the education of health care professionals, and to this end, daily educational seminars, bedside teaching, and clinical case discussions have been designed especially for physicians, medical students and nurses

The release noted too, that the programme which is of two-week duration, will occur several times yearly, with continuing evening medical education lectures being offered in Georgetown and New Amsterdam for all medical professionals.

In Georgetown, Dr. John O’Brien, Radiologist and Dr. James Eadie, Emergency Medicine Physician from Omni Med, in conjunction with Georgetown Hospital Physicians, have been offering daily lectures at the GHPC.

Evening lectures were conducted on April 16, 17 and 22 and another is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at GPHC and on Saturday in New Amsterdam.

Omni Med, founded in 1998 by Dr. Edward O’Neil with the mission to assist in reducing medical disparities in the world through volunteerism and education, shares the belief of Albert Schweitzer that there is an “ethical imperative” for health care professionals to bring quality health care to the world.

Also, that through medicine the institution can reach across political and socio-economic lines that divide people and begin to erase inequalities.

It was noted too, that education is empowering and can reshape the boundaries of disease and poverty while uniting diverse people.

The Guyana Cooperative Education Health Programme has expressed its gratitude to Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy; Dr. Rambarran and the GPHC; the Rotary Clubs of Guyana and Ms Jennifer Debaros, North American Airlines.

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