Goodluck shoots Guyana to Gaskin & Jackson Postal trophy

Guyana Chronicle
April 16, 2003

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WITH the West Indies Full Bore shooting championships less than a week away, marksman Ransford Goodluck dropped only one point each in three postal shoots as Guyana held on to the Gaskin & Jackson Postal trophy.

Guyana tallied 747 points of 800, with 64 bulls, making it the sixth year the local sharp-shooters won the coveted title in the seven years since postal shoots were revived in the West Indies. Such shoots were dormant for some ten years until the local jewellers stepped in with sponsorship in 1996.

In impressive form at the Timehri Rifle Ranges, two Sundays ago, Goodluck registered 159 points from the maximum 160, hitting 19 bulls in the process, scoring two possibles. He lost the one point from the 300 yards range, getting 74 of 75 and nine bulls. He scored the maximum 35 at 500 yards with six bulls and the maximum 50 at 600 yards with four bulls.

Mahendra Persaud took the second slot, also getting two possibles in 155 total and 16 bulls. He scored 70 at 300 yards with nine bulls, 35 at 500 yards with four bulls and 50 at 600 yards with three bulls.

Dane Blair came in next with 151 points and eleven bulls, Lennox Braithwaite 146 and 12 bulls, and Derick Naraine 136 and six bulls.

Goodluck again dropped only one point in the West India Cup postal shoot, sponsored by the Jamaica Rifle Association, in which Guyana registered 1 096 points of 1200, with 86 bulls. He registered 149 of 150 with 15 bulls. Persaud had 144 with 15 bulls, Blair 143 with 14 bulls, Braithwaite 137 and eleven bulls, Naraine 127 and ten bulls, Claude Duguid 138 and nine bulls, Paul Slowe 138 and seven and Ryan Sampson 117 and five bulls.

And in the Canada Cup, sponsored by the Trinidad Rifle Association, Goodluck had 159 of 160 with 17 bulls, as Guyana amassed 1 177 of 1 280. Persaud had 155 and 15 bulls, Blair 151 and 12 bulls, Braithwaithe 147 and 13 bulls, Duguid 149 and nine bulls, Slowe 147 and five bulls, Naraine 141 and eleven bulls and Sampson 128 and seven bulls.

Guyana used the postal shoots to prepare for the April 20-27 West Indian championships to be staged at the Timehri Ranges.

The West Indies team for the World Long Range championships at Bisley, United Kingdom, in July will be selected from the regional championships.

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