Rousseau rejects allegations that he `Jamaicanisedí WICB

Guyana Chronicle
April 8, 2003

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FORMER West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Patrick Rousseau has rejected suggestions that he "Jamaicanised" the board during his tenure as president from 1996 to 2001.

Rousseau - in a note to the Observer's Sports Desk - was responding to what he said were suggestions during a discussion on radio involving talk show host Ronnie Thwaites, University of the West Indies (UWI) lecturer Christine Cummings, and Barbadian cricket commentator Andrew Mason.

He also dismissed talk that his board was the first to reject a recommendation by the regional selectors on the captaincy of the West Indies team. Rousseau's letter reads in part:

"In pursuit of accuracy, I would like to correct two views advanced by the persons being interviewed.

"Christine Cummings said that a bad precedent was set in 1997, when for the first time ever, the WICB rejected the recommendation of the Selectors, in respect of the captain. This is not correct and there were instances prior to 1997, when the WICB rejected the recommendation of the Selectors.

"Unlike the selection of the team, which is made by the Selectors, the appointment of the captain has always been either by resolution of the Board or some other Board process.

"The process normally followed is for the chairman of the Selectors to give their recommendation to the chief executive officer (CEO) and the CEO, depending on the time available, either by round robin telephone call or by presentation to the Board, obtains an approval or rejection.

"On occasions the Board has referred the matter back to the Selectors for a new proposal or have opted to select the captain. The Selectors are aware of the policy and a rejection should not prompt a resignation especially if they are told the Board's reasons and they are sound.

"Stephen Camacho, who has a more intimate knowledge of the workings and deliberations of the WICB over many years than anyone that I know of, can confirm the accuracy of the above statement.

"Andrew Mason continues to build the myth mainly held by Barbadians that I 'Jamaicanised' the Board.

"There were two Jamaicans employed to the WICB during my term of office, Chris Dehring and Reggie Scarlett.

"The present complement remains at two, Chris Dehring and Michael Hall; maybe in his view the WICB continues to be 'Jamaicanised'.

"On the other hand, I carefully observed the fact that the head office of the Board was in Antigua and held most of the meetings, including Executive Committee meetings in that country, making it easier for the staff to service the demands of the Board.

It is unfortunate that Andrew Mason continues to perpetuate this inaccurate position." (Jamaican Observer)

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