Excessive extraction from canal jeopardising public water supply
-- water company warns

Guyana Chronicle
March 15, 2003

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THE Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) yesterday said it was concerned about the excessive extraction of water by individuals from the Lamaha Canal and warned that the practice is jeopardising public water supply already strained by the continuing drought.

In a press release, the company noted it is distributing water to Georgetown on a reduced schedule in order to maintain supplies.

Further, it said excessive extraction of water by other users may require additional reduction in the pumping hours, which would further impact on the company's distribution capacity.

According to the weather reports, the rainy season is due later in the second quarter of the year and as such there may not be any immediate change in the current water supply situation, GWI said.

It explained that preservation of the raw water supply in the Lamaha Canal is essential to the sustainability of water distribution to Georgetown.

GWI is reminding residents in Georgetown to use water wisely and to store during pumping hours.

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