Sawh challenges Guyanese in Canada to be ambassadors

Guyana Chronicle
March 14, 2003

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MINISTER of Fisheries, Crops and Livestock, Mr. Satyadeow Sawh has reminded Guyanese nationals in Toronto, Canada that they should always consider themselves ambassadors of this country.

“Respect is not given. It is earned and our country will be judged by you,” he told an audience at the fourth annual Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organisations (AGCO) Republic Ball last month.

“You must do your utmost to keep the Golden Arrowhead flying high wherever you go,” Sawh challenged them, acknowledging the contribution their organisations have been making to their nation’s development.

Sawh, former President of the Association of Concerned Guyanese, a political arm of the People’s Progressive Party, assured the gathering that the Guyana Government recognises their efforts and publicly thanked them.

He added: “Sometimes we take for granted what you are doing. However, this is not the case and I am here to say thank you because what you are doing is vitally important.”

Mr. Terence ‘Spanky’Jackson, a collector of African art and historical objects, was presented with the AGCO Community Award at the function.

He has an extensive collection of paintings and documents depicting the stories of the 1763 Berbice and the 1823 East Coast Demerara slave rebellions, the Haitian revolution and the Zulu wars.

A report on the occasion said, in an attempt to educate individuals about African history, Jackson conducts Boards of Education and university-sponsored exhibitions and mounts independent shows in the Canadian community.

“My philosophy is that history defines us collectively and serves to mould the psychology of a people. Thus, it is the basis of culture that may be defined as the collective record of humans in shaping the world in their image and interest.

“It is within this context that I am extremely proud to be the recipient of this prestigious award,” Jackson said, when accepting the honour.

Associate Minister of Health and Long Term Care in Canada, Mr. Dan Newman and Toronto Councillor, Mr. Bas Balkissoon were also recipients of recognition awards.

“Both of these gentlemen have been extremely supportive of our organisations and the programmes we run,” said outgoing AGCO President, Mr. Cledwyn Longe.

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