Fare increase not sanctioned by ministry

Guyana Chronicle
March 8, 2003

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During the past few months, bus fares on some routes have increased due to a rise in fuel prices, which have caused some amount of discomfort among commuters.

Amid the rising fuel prices, protests were tagged by minibus operators after which the fares for several routes were increased.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Manzoor Nadir, a committee was established to deal with the issue comprising representatives from his Ministry, consumers and from the various routes.

The Ministry had also invited persons plying the different routes to discuss with the established committee, but only a few operators accepted the invitation.

The Minister is contending that though it is not the intention of putting anyone out of business, there is a need to be fair to the consumers as well.

He said the discussions are continuing and recommendations would be made arising from the negotiations, which would benefit all stakeholders.

The increases implemented in some routes have not been sanctioned by his Ministry, Nadir said. (Government Information Agency-GINA).

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