Union withdraws cooperation from Athletic championships

Guyana Chronicle
March 8, 2003

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The Ministry of Education is concerned that the Guyana teachers’ Union has withdrawn its participation from the 44th Annual Ministry of Education/GTU, national track and field, cycling and swimming championships scheduled for the Mackenzie Sports Club ground from March 11 to 14.

In a letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Hydar Ally late yesterday afternoon, the Union said it would be unable to coordinate and administer the championships this year because of the current industrial action by teachers.

In an invited comment, Mr. Ally described the action by the union as being very petty. He told the Chronicle that the action by the union exposes the immature and irresponsible behaviour of the union leaders, who seem to have total disregard for the in- innocent children.

Ally noted that the action will not hurt the Government, but rather dig into the hearts of the school children who have worked so hard to prepare themselves both mentally and physically for the championships.

“The championship is like an annual pilgrimage for the children, especially those from Hinterland areas who normally start travelling for the events days before, and it is so hard to take it away from them this year,” Ally lamented.

The Permanent Secretary said it is unfortunate that the children have to suffer because of the irresponsible attitude of the union.

“Many national and regional champions have emerged from these championships in the past, and withdrawing their cooperation from this year’s activities which inevitably leads to the cancellation of the event will no doubt de-motivate our future champions,” said Ally.

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