Making orderly development difficult to achieve

Guyana Chronicle
March 6, 2003

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It is to be expected that in the normal course of time the incidence of adversity will ebb and flow and there will naturally be periods of equanimity. Not so, however, if one is mandated to administer the affairs of running a country. In Guyana we seem to be living through an endless prolonged period of diverse means of making orderly development difficult to achieve.

Many people believe that the fact that the obstructive nature of the major opposition party is universally abhorred does not help matters. Currently, the Government is confronted with the unfortunate shooting of a University Of Guyana undergraduate and two colleagues, in circumstances yet to be officially determined. Despite swift action by the authorities to have a thorough investigation mounted and that a time frame of days rather than weeks or months has been put in place, there are still demonstrations and allied action calling on the government for immediate justice. Jumping to conclusions will not facilitate the kind of inquiry expected. Prudence will dictate that we await the findings of the investigations and the report on the inquiry.

In addition, discontent has surfaced in the teaching profession with the relevant Trade Union calling a two-day strike with threats to continue the following week. The protest is intended to force on government the move to arbitration over increased salaries for 2002. The Minister of Education, Dr. Henry Jeffrey, accuses the Guyana Teachers Union of “pussyfooting” tactics. This matter is now unfolding and we will await further development.

Not to be out done, the PNCR insists in getting involved in every and any way possible in agitation. They have called for an independent inquiry into the death of the UG undergraduate and have appealed for national and regional support for what they describe as gross violation of human rights in Guyana.

Guyanese believe these are the irritants that are designed to impede the orderly and smooth running of the administration and are here sited to illustrate the impediments which continuously obstruct the Government to move on as expeditiously as possible with running the affairs of the Government.

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