President’s visit-a tremendous success
Guyana Chronicle
March 4, 2003

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Contrary to what the main opposition People’s National Congress/Reform wants Guyanese to believe, President Bharrat Jagdeo’s visit to the United States has so far been a tremendous success.

We view with interest, the several rounds of meetings the President had with various leaders in the US Administration and financial institutions, which have all netted assistance in one way or the other for Guyana.

Guyanese greet with satisfaction, the news that following talks between the Guyanese leader and officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this country is expected to receive assistance from the lending agency to fund many of its programmes.

It is clear that meetings the President had with officials of the IMF and World Bank would pave the way for Guyana to get assistance for social and economic programmes that would tremendously improve the quality of life for all Guyanese.

Guyanese view with disdain, comments made by the PNCR at its weekly press conference to the effect that President Jagdeo went on a “confused mission to the United States.” The main opposition party also contended that the Guyanese leader was using the overseas trip to engage with persons who are said to be involved in corrupt practices-that is the New Global Consult Inc. of Liberty Avenue.

It will be recalled that this firm was awarded the contract for the printing of the Guyana Law books, for which the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Ganga Persaud was surcharged, $500,000 because of financial irregularities.

Most Guyanese applaud Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon for his quick and edifying response to the PNC/R’s outpourings.

Guyanese appreciate Dr. Luncheon’s response when he said: “The PNCR’s allegations about the visit to New York are indeed scandalous. This is a visit provided for by the treasury and it involves the Consulate in New York in its planning.

“The firm New Global Consult Inc. had no role in organizing the President’s visit and for that matter, nor has any public funds been paid to that firm for the failed award of publishing the Laws of Guyana. Really, the President has never missed an opportunity to meet Guyanese whenever he visits countries and communities where they dwell and arrangements when logically made to facilitate such meetings in the USA.”

Most Guyanese also observe that from reports emanating from the local media, President Jagdeo has done well for Guyana and Guyanese as a whole and that the forthcoming visits by World Bank and IMF officials to Guyana would open the way for injection of funds in the several programmes initiated by the Government aimed at improving the lives of all Guyanese.

Most people believe that the recent mouthing by the PNCR is a clear indication that the main opposition party is not interested in the development of the nation, but seeks to sow confusion and hold back progress to achieve its own narrow political agenda.

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