Government aims to make UG reputable
- President

Guyana Chronicle
February 22, 2003

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ANNIVERSARY LAUNCH: President Bharrat Jagdeo at the launching of the UG 40th anniversary programme yesterday at the Turkeyen campus. At centre is UG Vice-Chancellor, Professor James Rose. (Mike Norville photos)

INSPECTING pests and insects that affect crops in Guyana at the booth of the Faculty of Agriculture at the annual UG Open/Career Day at the Turkeyen campus yesterday.

`It would warrant leadership from the Government, the cooperation of the private sector and the support of those who choose to pursue a university education'

THE Government remains committed to ensuring that the University of Guyana (UG) becomes a reputable institution in the academic field.

This assurance was given by President Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday at the official launching of the institution's 40th anniversary commemoration programme. The ceremony took place at UG's annual Open/Career Day at the George Walcott Lecture Theatre.

"...for a developing country like ours to sustain a university of quality, it demands economic commitments. It would warrant leadership from the Government, the cooperation of the private sector and the support of those who choose to pursue a university education", the President said.

"The ability of the Treasury to maintain recurrent expenditures and be able to finance new developments is directly related to the performance of the economy," he noted.

He added that there will always be some pressing needs in our society, but notwithstanding this, "my Government is unreservedly committed to playing its part in building and maintaining a reputable learning institution."

"No government could do otherwise, if our country is to survive within the global technological future already upon us."

The President exhorted the academic community to ensure that UG becomes integrated into the life of society and does not remain aloof, applying the academic knowledge acquired to find solutions to societal problems.

Universities are no longer "ivory towers", he said, adding that progressive learning institutions are engaged with their immediate communities as they deal with the problems of the day.

He said that universities are increasingly adopting some of the practices of industry and urged the administration of the institution to work in close alliance with the private sector.

"I believe that UG is on the correct path when it enters into fruitful and productive partnership with the private sector, as it has begun to do," the President said.

He said he is encouraged by the intention of UG's administration to address those complaints made by students and thereby build confidence in the impartiality of the university's method and system.

"The restoration of the role of the external examiner, ensuring that lecturers honour their obligations in a timely and efficient manner, the right of students to a fair appeal and the establishment of patently impartial review complaints boards are among the urgent confidence building issues," the President emphasised.

"These measures will have a motivational effect and serve as a reminder that everyone is accountable."

He commended the diligence of the staff of UG despite the challenges they are facing and urged students to develop a sense of pride in the tertiary institution, becoming guardians of it.

President Jagdeo noted that UG has not faltered from the vision of the late President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, whose brainchild its establishment was.

The Open/Career Day was held under the theme 'A time to reconnect - empowering our youth for careers & development'.

There were exhibition booths by Banks DIH Limited, Demerara Distillers Limited, Guyana Police Force, Government Ministries, and the Environmental Protection Agency, among other entities. - (CHAMANLALL NAIPAUL)

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