PNC/R’s decision to return to Parliament can help ‘build trust’

Guyana Chronicle
February 16, 2003

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INFORMATION Liaison to President Bharrat Jagdeo, Mr. Robert Persaud said the decision by the main Opposition People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) to return to the National Assembly to have issues of concerns discussed and debated could aid the required effort to build trust in Guyana so as to achieve genuine political cooperation.

Persaud, in an invited comment to the Government Information Agency (GINA) noted that the decision by the PNC/R Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin is “welcomed and a step in the right direction of resolving the current political and Parliamentary impasse in the country.”

Corbin announced Friday that he had written the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Ralph Ramkarran, requesting a meeting of Parliament on Wednesday to debate a motion on the electricity crisis and other issues of urgent national importance.

Persaud said the PNC/R’s return to Parliament and Government’s positive response in this respect can only have a positive impact on the efforts to construct a new political culture as outlined by President Jagdeo when he presented the PPP/C’s Government position on greater inclusive governance at State House last Saturday.

He recalled that the PPP/C’s Government position on greater inclusive governance highlights the key role of Parliament, with the full participation of the main Opposition party, in achieving genuine political cooperation among the Parties in the interest of the nation.

The PNC/R’s absence from Parliament has stalled the establishment of various Constitutional Commissions and Parliamentary Committees, which are necessary for enhanced inclusive governance in the country.

President Jagdeo in presenting the PPP/C Government’s position entitled: ‘Towards Greater Inclusive Governance: Building trust to achieve genuine political cooperation’ said, “In an environment created by deepening trust and confidence, further arrangements for inclusive governance can result after consultation with our constituents and the electorate.”

According to the Guyanese Head of State, the PPP/C believes that a conscious effort is required by the major political parties to build trust and establish confidence.

“Without such trust, suspicion will continue, motives will be questioned, policies will be judged on distorted criteria, resource allocation will always be followed by allegations of partisanship and agreements will be difficult to be arrived at,” Mr. Jagdeo stated.

President Jagdeo added that “it is critical that we engage one another in dialogue. We should always reach out and talk to each other. In this way, we would be fulfilling the mandate of all Guyanese as we share our differing views in the search for national consensus on the common objective of making this country a better place for all.”

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