Great expectations
Guyana Chronicle
February 8, 2003

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MR. ROBERT Corbin, newly elected leader of the main Opposition People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R), visited Annandale, East Coast Demerara on Thursday.

It was good for him to go there to see the sufferings, trauma and fear which the residents have had to go through from the regular armed forays of criminals coming from or through Buxton, his party's stronghold, and who are still recovering and fearful.

Although it is only now, almost nine months after the depredations and violence visited on the residents of this and other communities by bandits coming from Buxton commenced, it is good that Mr. Corbin has now decided to go and see the suffering and consequences, and perhaps offer condolences, comfort and even compensation.

Guyanese are hoping that after this visit, he will go to Buxton and tell the bandits and criminals to stop their attacks on Guyanese people and law enforcers.

Also, it is the expectation that he will give his party's support for the campaign by the law enforcement agencies to apprehend the criminals hiding out in the Buxton area.

As is now well known, Mr. Corbin has accepted the invitation from President Bharrat Jagdeo who has always kept the door open for constructive engagements with the main opposition party.

The President has offered his congratulations to Mr. Corbin on his election to the leadership position and again restated his hope for "engagements which can bring about improved relations between the Government and the main opposition party in the interest of the nation."

In his reply in a letter which was released to the media, Mr. Corbin

stated, "As you may be aware, I have already publicly expressed my party's commitment to the resolution of the matters of national interest which are of concern to us. Consequently, it is hoped that these issues can be resolved through constructive engagement."

Stronger hopes now rise in the hearts of Guyanese of fruitful discussions which are mutually satisfactory.

With the resolution of outstanding issues, the country can make faster progress in development, attracting more foreign and local investments and creating more jobs

We all look forward with great expectations.

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