Accounts workers picket Georgetown Hospital

Guyana Chronicle
February 5, 2003

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STAFF members of the Accounts Department of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) used their lunch break yesterday to stage a peaceful demonstration outside the hospital compound to press demands for the administration to address concerns surrounding the reinstatement of the acting Director of Finance.

Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) representative for the employees, Ms. Patricia West said the union was unhappy with a report submitted by the hospital administration which confirmed the reinstatement of the acting Director of Finance.

West said the union was also uncomfortable with the investigations conducted without the union being present, and as a result deemed the probe null and void.

She said the workers will continue the demonstration daily until the administration looks into the matter.

West explained that one of the conditions agreed upon by the hospital administration and the union in reaching a terms of resumption when the workers downed tools on January 15, was that the memos issued to staff members would have been withdrawn. However, there has been no evidence to show that was done and therefore it was a violation of the terms of resumption, she contended.

West accused the administration of victimisation because of the dismissal of one member of staff on Saturday and the transfer of another because they were among those who downed tools on January 15.

"We believe in cooperation and having dialogue, but even though we are having that the position of the hospital management is far from acceptable to the union", she said.

She claimed workers have been harassed by the acting Director of Finance who issued staff members with as many as seven letters within one day.

Earlier this year, the staff had written a letter to the hospital's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Khan outlining their grievances and requested to meet him.

Efforts to contact Khan for comment were unsuccessful. (JAIME HALL)

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