Congress expected to confirm Corbin as new PNC/R Leader

Guyana Chronicle
February 1, 2003

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TODAY'S special Congress of the main Opposition People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R) is expected to overwhelmingly confirm Mr. Robert Corbin as its new Leader, observers said yesterday.

They also feel the Congress will mandate the party to return to Parliament to properly represent its constituents and contribute to the national debate on the country.

According to one political observer, the meeting is expected to impress on the new leadership "the need to reject, expel or remove from its midst extremist and criminal-minded elements who have tarnished the image of the party."

"This may lead to a renewed push by the PNC/R for the urgent signing of the `Social Partners' crime communiqué", he said.

It is also likely that the Congress will mandate the new leadership to address some racist tendencies developing in its ranks, especially those being promoted by some TV talk show hosts, the observer said.

"The new PNC/R leadership may be encouraged to distance itself from the talk show hosts who promote racism and violence", he said.

Observers expect that generally, the Congress will be pushing for a new start and a new mandate by the PNC/R leadership so that it can regain lost political space and opportunities caused by its policies, position and actions of the recent past.

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