Greenidge’s dual role no conflict of interest - Hall

Guyana Chronicle
February 1, 2003

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GORDON Greenidge’s dual role as a West Indies selector and a consultant with Bangladesh in preparation for the forthcoming World Cup is not viewed as a conflict of interest by the region’s governing body.

If such additional duties, however, coincided with assignments for West Indies selectors, it could lead to a problem, West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Wes Hall has pointed out.

Greenidge, the illustrious former West Indies opening batsman, was recently appointed Bangladesh’s batting coach for a pre-World Cup tour of Namibia and was not expected back in the Caribbean for the beginning of the Carib Beer Series.

Bangladesh Cricket Board cricket committee chairman Mahbub was quoted as saying Greenidge’s appointment as a consultant would run until yesterday, but Hall’s information was that the former Barbados captain would be unavailable for the first three rounds of the Carib Beer Series.

“I do understand the great consternation it will cause in some circles in terms of conflicts of interests, but I would say that as soon as Gordon gets back, we will speak to him on the issue,” Hall said.

“The board feels that when you employ a selector, he is employed from one match to another or from one tour to another. If a selector therefore had a job in between tours, we cannot in all honesty command that he stays here unless you had him in contract.”

Greenidge, arguably the finest opening batsman the West Indies has ever produced, served as Bangladesh coach at the 1999 World Cup and was largely responsible for the recent development of their cricket that eventually led to them gaining Test status.

He was sacked, presumably for making comments that suggested they were not deserving of the status at the time.

Employed by the Barbados Government in the last few years, Greenidge was appointed a West Indies selector last June and subsequently contracted by Bangladesh a few weeks ago on a short-term basis.

“If it happens during the time we are playing cricket … if it is not a conflict of interest, it is something that we do not think can be tolerated,” Hall said.

“We have to talk to Gordon. We don’t really want to go and slam him behind his back.”

In the absence of Greenidge and chief selector Sir Vivian Richards, who will be sent to the World Cup, the WICB has asked two members of its junior selection panel, Clyde Butts and Ezra Moseley, to fill in as replacements to watch matches in the opening round of Carib Series matches. (Barbados Nation)

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