Malgre Tout murder trial--
Doctor says Police received medical certificate for accused

Guyana Chronicle
January 30, 2003

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GENERAL Medical Officer of the West Demerara Regional Hospital, Dr. Parbhudyal Isaardeen, yesterday told the judge and jury in the Malgre Tout murder trial, that he had examined and treated accused Kenneth Persaud called 'Carpat' on August 2, 2000, for injuries received.

Kenneth Persaud, who is on trial for the murder of his namesake Deodat Persaud, called 'Django', at Malgre Tout, West Bank, Demerara, on August 2, 2000, alleged that he had acted in self defence and that he was “banked” by the Persaud family when he turned up for payment for work that he had done.

The Prosecution, led by Ms Kim Kyte, had led evidence to show that after the accused had cursed the Persauds and stabbed Deodat Persaud to death, he (the accused) was attacked by onlookers.

The Policeman, who allegedly took the accused to hospital after the latter complained that he had been assaulted, told the Court that he did not uplift any medical certificate in relation to the accused and could not find the Station Diary in which such a certificate would have been recorded.

As a consequence, defence Counsel Lindon Amsterdam, called the doctor as a witness to support the defence contention that the accused was beaten on the day of the murder and was treated for injuries received.

Dr Isaardeen testified that on the day in question, the accused was brought in to him by a Policeman, who looked like an Amerindian. The doctor said that the Policeman reported that the accused had claimed that he had been assaulted.

As a consequence, the doctor said he examined the accused and prescribed treatment, which included pain tablets, antibiotics and an anti-tetanus injection.

Witness said that he also wrote up a medical certificate in which the injuries were listed and gave same to the Police.

The medical card on which the doctor had written, only made mention of abrasions and bruises, but according to the doctor, the injuries would have been fully listed in the medical certificate given to the Police.

When the hearing continues today before Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards, the defence is expected to call another witness from the West Demerara Hospital before addressing the jury.

In a statement from the dock, the accused said that he had been working with the deceased, who had told him to turn up that day for payment.

According to him, when he went for his money, Deodat cursed him and he (the accused) retaliated by cursing also. He had a knife on him, which he took from his pocket to defend himself. But the Persauds attacked him with sticks and he had to run away. He was chased and caught. He said that he was taken to hospital but was not given any treatment.

Further hearing continues today. (George Barclay)

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