Women demonstrate against killings

Guyana Chronicle
January 25, 2003

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MORE THAN 150 women came together for a one-hour peaceful demonstration in Georgetown yesterday against the killings in the country.

They gathered around the Cenotaph outside the Bank of Guyana from noon.

The women dressed in white, but are not affiliated with the `Women in White' movement.

"We are not political. We just want peace in this country, and we chose to wear white because it stands for peace", explained co-organiser, Ms. Andrea Rohlehr McAdam.

Among the women who joined the circle was Sheri Brusch, the sister of critically wounded Policeman Gregory Brusch, shot on Croal Street, Georgetown on Monday as he was walking to work.

She said she had joined the women's demonstration because she wanted to make a stand against the killings in Guyana.

"Right now my brother is still in hospital fighting for his survival. I want this violence and these murders to stop."

The wounded Policeman's mother, Gloria, was also in the peaceful demonstration.

Many women expressed genuine concern for Guyana's future, should the killings continue.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Ms. Bibi Shadick was among those at the demonstration.

She said: "Women all over the world stand up and say 'Stop the killing'. I as a woman and I as a mother want to join them."

She also signed a petition calling for an end to unnecessary killings in the country.

U.S. citizen Judith Schmelz, Religious Sister of Mercy, said, "As an outsider, it is very difficult to know how to take a position.

"This is a way for me to stand with your people and I am also concerned for what is happening in my own country and Iraq. Women for peace is like an international movement.

"I feel as if we are joined with women around the world."

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