Bandit killed after another deadly robbery attack

Guyana Chronicle
January 25, 2003

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The gang of six men who residents said wore stockings over their faces and carried AK-47 guns, stormed into `Dolly's Variety Store' at about 15:00 hrs and killed Yacoob Mohamed, 63.

Mohamed, of 12 Vryheids Lust, Railway Embankment, also on the East Coast, was shot in the head and died on the spot, witnesses said.

Relatives said he began working at the store three weeks ago and was alone in the shop when the gang attacked.

Neighbours said they heard gunfire and everybody ducked for cover.

One resident said she heard shots as she was leaving her yard to go to classes and ran back into her home.

She said she looked out from her house and saw a car with six armed men driving away from the shop.

Neighbours said the attack took place with precision and the men struck and left within 10 minutes.

A huge crowd gathered around the scene after the bandits left and Police who arrived shortly after went in pursuit of the gang.

A Police spokesman said one of the bandits was shot dead in an exchange of gunfire with patrols chasing them at the Lusignan Railway Embankment Road.

The dead bandit was unidentified up to press time.

The other five abandoned the car and fled with Police and soldiers giving chase.

The patrols were searching for the others in the area up to last night.

Relatives said Mohamed would usually transport his employer's children to and from school.

Prior to his tragic demise yesterday afternoon, he had dropped the children home next door to the shop, went to his mosque to pray and returned to work in the store, residents said.

WIDOW: Zamarule Mohamed, now a widow after her husband was gunned down yesterday.
Neighbours said the bandits were in a dark green Marino motorcar.

When they arrived outside the store, two men jumped out the car and swiftly entered the store, while the others stayed in the vehicle, one resident said.

She said two shots were fired but it was not possible to see what was taking place in the store.

She said she heard Mohamed saying he had seen the bandits "and will talk" and then there was shooting.

She added that shortly after she heard more shots and the men emerged and left at top speed, guns sticking out of the windows of the car.

They had also removed the masks, she said.

One resident said that as soon as the gang left, she rushed into the store to render assistance to the man as fearful neighbours remained hidden in their homes.

When she entered the shop she stumbled on Mohamed who was lying on his side in a curved position with his face shot away.

A Police patrol was promptly on the scene and drove off behind the bandits, residents said.

Relatives said Mohamed worked at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for 30 years and was the porters Foreman before retiring.

His wife Zamarule, known as Neisha, 63, said she was at home when a neighbour informed her that her husband had been shot.

The grieving widow said she arrived on the scene and saw a huge crowd but was unable to get into the store since the Police had closed off the crime area.

The last time she saw her husband alive was at 14:30 hrs when he left for the mosque to pray, she said.

She recalled that he had promised to bring back batteries for his grandson.

A hearse arrived one hour after the killing and the body concealed in a bag was taken away.

Mohamed was married for 40 years and leaves to mourn three sons, Robin, 42, Fazal, 37, Sheik 35; one daughter, Rasheeda, 31, and five grandchildren.

Businessman Ralph Bassoo, 44, was killed Sunday by bandits who attacked his business place at Better Hope South.

He was shot twice in the head at point blank range.

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