PNC/R re-states support for security forces in crime fight
-- sympathises with those mourning loss of loved ones

Guyana Chronicle
January 24, 2003

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THE People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R) says it remains committed to supporting the work of the security forces in Guyana and empathises and sympathises with all those who continue to suffer the loss of loved ones by criminal violence.

At a news conference yesterday at Congress Place, Sophia, Mr. Jerome Khan stated that day after day the nation sinks deeper into "a crisis of crime and security characterised by killing after killing, and the bloodletting grows torrential".

According to the party the security forces are stretched to their limit and despite the acts of some who continue to commit acts of extra-judicial killing with impunity, the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force must be recognised and commended for holding together a very fragile and volatile situation.

"It is the firm opinion of the PNC/R that it is not too late to pull the nation back from ultimate destruction. We are as concerned as the next person or group and, as disclosed over time and as recent as last week, we support the security forces in their work and are willing to assist," the party added.

The PNC/R said that a thorough review of crime and national security and the Police Force is required, noting that anything less is tantamount to "fiddling while Rome burns".

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