Guyana submits US$36M proposal to Global Fund
- Board to sanction later this month

Guyana Chronicle
January 18, 2003

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GUYANA has submitted an ambitious multi-million dollar proposal to the Global Fund for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy who made the announcement recently at an end-of-year news conference said the proposal has been reviewed by the Technical Committee and is awaiting action by the Board, which is to meet on January 29.

The Government Information Agency (GINA) said the project proposal for US$36M was submitted recently to the second round of project assessments of the Global Fund.

Ramsammy represented Guyana at the assembly where donor agencies pledged a sum of US$1.9B.

The Global Fund was established following a special session hosted by the United Nations in June 2001, to deal with the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Board of Directors was subsequently formalised and to date it has received more than US$700M of the committed sum, GINA said.

Last year, the board invited countries to submit proposals and requests for funding for their HIV/AIDS programme through Global Fund.

According to Ramsammy, the Ministry of Health had submitted an "impressive" proposal, given the short notice from the March 10, 2002 deadline.

That proposal was not approved and it was reworked and resubmitted again for assessment.

Guyana representative on the technical review team of the Global Fund is Dr. Sarah Gordon. She is one of two Caribbean nationals on the team to evaluate applications from various countries for assistance to combat HIV/AIDS, GINA said.

Gordon is Director of Health Sciences and Education at the Ministry of Health and her selection is regarded as a "prestigious" appointment, the agency said.

A representative from Brazil has also been selected to the 17-member team.

Should Guyana's proposal be approved, the resource will go a far way in executing the local disease for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Guyana recently designed a five-year (2002-2007) plan to manage Malaria in Guyana, since although the incidence has been reduced, it is still a major concern to the sector and those affected, especially hinterland dwellers and residents.

The Tuberculosis programme has also been revitalised and will be expanded, both in terms of treatment, education and awareness of preventative measures, GINA said.

However, the most important among the benefits of the Global Fund disbursement is the allocation to fight HIV/AIDS, it added.

The Ministry of Health has designed an ambitious $3.8B Plan against HIV/AIDS for the years 2003 to 2006.

Creating a hallmark, Cabinet approved the plan, which covers the areas of surveillance, care, treatment and support, risk and formulation.

The plan also includes a hospice for people living with the virus.

According to Ramsammy, should the Global Fund favourably consider Guyana, money form this source will contribute towards the financing of the national Strategic Plan against HIV/AIDS, GINA said.

Funding is also expected to be derived from the national treasury and other donor agencies, either financially or via technical support, it reported.

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