Bodybuilding Federation to launch CAC 2004 homecoming

Guyana Chronicle
January 9, 2003

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NORTH American Airlines manager Junior Horatio presents concessionary fare tickets to CAC 2004 Planning Committee member Jay Small.
ON Sunday, the Bodybuilding Federation will be launching its CAC 2004 Homecoming in New York. That event will take place at the XGDF Association Hall in South Ozone Park, Brooklyn, and will be attended by the GABBF president Yale Holder, general secretary Donald Sinclair, with assistance from Ministry of Tourism volunteer Amanda Seecharran. The Toronto launch will take place in May during the Independence week celebrations in that city.

Under the slogan "Come for the championships; Be part of the adventure" the CAC 2004 Homecoming will be promoting an exciting week of 'events for every taste' with the focal point being the 2-day CAC Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships at the National Cultural Centre. The week of events will include the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Championships finals, the Region's best fitness displays, a gala local cuisine banquet, visits to Resorts, an El Dorado shopping experience, a soca night-cruise, trips down memory lane and a host of other events.

The Bodybuilding Federation sees the 2004 Championships as bridging the world of sports and tourism in Guyana. While the event provides a window for the Guyanese public and the Region's elite male and female bodybuilding and fitness athletes, it also offers the opportunity for tours, shopping and services.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has honoured its financial commitment to the Bodybuilding Federation, while the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana have been providing important promotional material for use in local and overseas promotions.

The CAC 2004 Planning Committee has already begun discussions with a number of participating hotels with a view to offering athletes and supporters the most attractive accommodation packages for the week in 2004.

Dialogue is soon to begin with a major commercial bank regarding the latter's status as the Official Bank of the CAC 2004 Championships. Very soon also, the Official Airline of the CAC Championships will be announced. This airline will have claim over the transportation of athletes and officials for the CAC 2004 event.

So far North American Airlines has made a financial contribution towards the CAC 2004 Championships and has provided discounted fares for the officials attending the New York launch. Meanwhile Tropical Mist of Banks DIH will enjoy status as the Official Water of the CAC Championships.

A key figure in the planning at the New York end has been Hugh Ross, holder of the New York Masters title and guest-poser at FLEX NIGHT 2001. Hugh Ross has been assisted by Gary Tim and Lennox Ramsey. Planning at the local end is being spearheaded by a planning committee comprising Donald Sinclair (chairman), Yale Holder and Jay Small.

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