Trotman outlines position in statement

Guyana Chronicle
January 8, 2003

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CENTRAL Executive member of the Opposition People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R) and Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Raphael Trotman yesterday said he is prepared to continue serving the party in any capacity.

Observers felt this was a signal he may be in the running for the top post following the recent death of PNC/R leader and former President, Mr. Desmond Hoyte.

In a statement, Trotman said:

"In response to numerous enquiries raised about my interest and involvement in the leadership of the People's National Congress Reform, my position is that I am prepared to continue to work in any capacity in which I am allowed to serve the party. I remain committed to the promotion of the equitable and democratic development of Guyana through the full and meaningful participation of all our citizens.

"I will continue to believe that our party will make all decisions in a democratic manner, and that my views and opinions therefore will be taken into account always.

"As a member of the Central Executive of the PNC/R. I am prepared to accept the democratic will of the party on the leadership structure chosen, which will keep the party united and strong, and allow it to fulfill its mandate and objectives of improving the lives of all Guyanese."

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