Front line ranks to carry weapons

Guyana Chronicle
January 7, 2003

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Police Public Relations Officer, Senior Superintendent, David Ramnaraine has reacted to statements made by local Television Talk show hosts about police protesting "because they were not allowed to have their weapons off duty."

In a press statement, Mr. Ramnaraine stated that it is not always possible for all ranks in the Force to be issued with firearms.

"The priority has to be given to ranks in high profile operations, that is - the unit that responds to scenes of violent criminal activities (the front line ranks)."

He disclosed that special emphasis is being placed for those ranks to carry firearms home.

Ramnaraine however noted that this will be viewed on a 'case by case' basis, taking into account, ranks living in 'hostile areas', and those who may have received messages of threats to such an extent that they are fearful for their lives while being off duty.

With only six days into the New Year 2003, three policemen have already lost their lives to gunmen.

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