‘Reflect on a year in which criminals tramautised women’
--Women’s Progressive Organisation

Guyana Chronicle
January 1, 2003

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IN its New Year message, the women's arm of the People's Progressive Party, the Women's Progressive Organisation (WPO) said that as Guyanese organise themselves to usher in the New Year they should reflect on the year behind in which Guyanese women were particularly traumatised by criminal events. These events were encouraged by political activists, the WPO said.

"This was a year in which our beloved people were subjected to a campaign of terror by forces that sought to undermine our democracy and destroy the nation," the message noted.

It further stated that criminals who were encouraged by political activists created nightmares for families "as many lost their mothers fathers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters. The conversion of a village into a safe haven for criminals created a new dimension of terror against neighbouring villages and commuters using the public roads."

The WPO also observed that such a campaign resulted in the diversion of much needed resources from the "Government's formidable task of fighting poverty and underdevelopment. It has reduced the rate of the growth of the economy and the delivery of social benefits to communities across the country".

"As we enter the New Year, the WPO calls on all Guyanese to place a priority on restoring harmony and the collective will to build this great land of ours," the WPO appealed. The organisation extended wishes to all Guyanese for a Happy New Year.

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