Let 2003 be the year of the goodies
Guyana Chronicle
January 1, 2003

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Today, we enter into a new year and all expectations are that this year 2003 will be a very rewarding one for all Guyanese. It was not one of the best year-ends for Guyanese, with the sudden death of late former President and PNC/R leader, Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte.

As mush as his death came in the middle of the festive season, when Guyanese from all walks of life were celebrating Christmas in the unique traditional Guyanese style, the outpourings that came from key players in the political spectrum, if translated into meaning, could serve as the catalyst that points the way forward for big and better things that would unfold this year for the benefit of all Guyanese.

Since most people subscribe to the fact that life is in itself a law, and since law is for the living and not for the dead, and since we are the living, there exists no one who dare master us; thus we alone are the law-the law of the living.

We therefore believe that all seriousness should be attached to the utterances at Hoyte’s funeral ceremony, especially the words of President Bharrat Jagdeo and those of PNC Chairman and acting leader, Mr. Robert Corbin.

If we carefully analyse the statements of these two gentlemen and put the necessary mechanisms in place that would charter the course forward, then nothing could stop potentially-great Guyana located on the north-eastern tip of the South American Continent to match gloves with any other country within its geographical embrace and even some further a field.

Guyanese note with relief, the words of Mr. Corbin and President Jagdeo and believe that these utterances can become the main pillars on which lay the foundation for true and national unity which is what we so dearly need in Guyana.

Among other things Corbin said “…party supporters must embrace change for the betterment of the country…we who must carry the torch, must like him (Hoyte) approach the present task with creativity and innovation…”

“… we therefore pledge ourselves to that task, to work for a beautiful and better Guyana-one of inclusiveness, economic progress, peace and harmony; that all citizens in our beloved country will say with pride and conviction, I am proud to be a Guyanese…”

In his presentation President Jagdeo among other things urged the nation to acknowledge Hoyte’s courage and to take a leaf from his book and embrace change openly.

Said President Jagdeo: “Let us bemoan a political culture that forbids engagements across Party lines and condemns persons for cooperation outside of the confines of party traditions.

“ We must discard the old and build a political culture that admits competition without spawning enmity; one that allows robust debate without degeneration into hostility.”

These words by these two eminent gentlemen are extremely pertinent to a secure and united future. We as patriotic and peace-loving Guyanese must strive to work strenuously to translate these words into reality, giving content to their exhortations.

We must without fear or favour seize the opportunity at hand now at the beginning of the new year and show the world our mettle and move forward to make this year, indeed a very rewarding one for all.

We believe that the way is now open for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we cannot sit back with our hands down and hope for some fairy godmother to bring all the goodies for us this year. We must make that determined effort.

A happy New Year to all.

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