Lawyers for Hinds, Dial to re-file, amend affidavits

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December 24, 2002

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Justice Dawn Gregory-Barnes yesterday granted the attorneys representing Prime Minister Sam Hinds and Advisory Committee on Broadcasting (ACB) Chairman, Pat Dial, further leave to re-file and make an amendment to their affidavits in answer, respectively, in the matter regarding the suspension of the television licences of CNS Channel 6 and NBTV Channel 9.

An Order Nisi granted by Justice Gregory-Barnes last Friday saw the temporary reversal of the suspension of the licences of the said television stations by Hinds.

The Prime Minister had ordered the suspension, in compliance with advice from the ACB, for a period of 48 hours with effect from midnight on Thursday night for several breaches.

However, the suspension action by the Prime Minister was temporarily stayed after the judge granted an order nisi to be served upon Hinds, and Dial, Ron Case and Carlton James in their capacities as members of the ACB to show cause why a writ of certiorari should not be issued against them quashing their respective directives.

Meanwhile, affidavits in answer to the motion and supporting affidavit filed by attorney Nigel Hughes for the plaintiffs - C.N. Sharma and Savitree Singh, Channel 6 and Blackman and Sons Inc, Channel 9 - have been filed by the remaining respondents including the Attorney General (AG). The matter continues on January 3.

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